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Andrew Keith Anderson  A memorial site for Andrew Keith Anderson - June 17, 1980 - November 5, 2004. In memory and honor of Andrew Keith Anderson, numerous donations have been made to a host of causes since his leaving in November of 2004.

Ashley Anne Pease - February 21, 1985 - February 14, 2004  In Loving Memory of Our Beautiful Daughter.

Crumbling Walls - In loving memory of Barry Andrew Henderson - 26 June 1987 to 18 May 2006.  A mother grieves the loss of her 18 year old son to suicide.

Drake Davis Foundation  The Mission of the Drake Davis Foundation is to raise awareness of suicide prevention and to assist people whose lives are affected by suicide.  Formed in memory of Drake Davis who committed suicide  on January 4, 2006, the Foundation awards scholarships to high school seniors who exemplify outstanding leadership, character and community service.  Memorial pages and poems for Drake.

Friends at Rest Friends at Rest hopes to bring some comfort to the bereaved families by offering them a place to visit their loved ones. We also raise money for Help For Heroes, an armed forces charity.

Gonetoosoon  An online memorial website. Create an everlasting tribute to someone close to you whom you have lost. GoneTooSoon provides an easy to use, free service that allows you to create and maintain a memorial, where family and friends can pay their tributes, thereby keeping the loved one's memory alive.

Gregory Scott Esposito  A Facebook memorial page created in memory of Gregory Scott Esposito who passed away on March 8th 2012.

Imorial.com  Create a free online memorial to reminisce, remember and pay tribute to those special people who have enriched your life, family and friends. Imorial is a place for families to come together and a stark reminder to not waste a single day, a reminder that every day together is precious, and beautiful.

In Loving Memory of Brandon Monrose-Rousseau  January 30,1989-October 2, 2000
The best son & brother we could have ever dreamed of. We love you and miss you each second of our life. Rest peacefully Sweet Angel, until we are together again. Love Mom, Dad, and Eddie.

In Loving Memory of Kaitlyn  A beautiful video created by Kaitlyn's mom Rhonda Elkins.

In Loving Memory of Chrissie  November 14, 1986 - December 6, 2001.  Chrissie lived her life as if each day were a year. Chrissie had a mission here on Earth. She overcame more challenges in fifteen years than most people do in a lifetime - and she did it with grace and love.

In Loving Memory Of Jessica Lynne Rogers  January 19, 1989 - August 16, 2004   An amazing tribute created for Jessica by her best friend Kayla.

In Loving Memory of Kassandra Jean Carroll  This moving site is Kassie's family's tribute to her, to honor her life, to share her story, in hopes of helping others.  By reading these pages you will come to know her and the family she left behind.  Hopefully it will give you some insight to the feelings of those left behind by the act of suicide. For those of you thinking of it..this is the heartbreak you will cause those you love. For the survivors left behind maybe you will realize the pain you are feeling is normal for those left behind.  These pages were created to help her family in their journey to healing..Maybe they will help you too.

In Loving Memory of Kristina Calco  12/26/1989 - 12/4/2005  One blustery snowy morning in December 2005, we awoke to find that our 15 year old daughter, Kristina Calco, had abruptly ended her own life. Read Kristina's heartbreaking story and tribute to her life here.

In Loving Memory of Mitch   September 10, 1984 to August 7, 2001.  A  very touching site created by Mitch's mom, Stephanie Beavers, with photos, memories and a wonderful page of dreams by family members.

In loving memory of my brother Alexander 5 February 1986 - 3 May 2009. A sister writes about losing her brother.

In Loving Memory of Nicholas Mark Higgins  My precious son, Nick, on this Earth from 11/29/1987 to 03/15/2007.

In Loving Memory of Todd E Mills  This wonderful tribute to Todd was created by his sister Lori. The story on the front page is immensely inspiring and may be a help to those who are enduring the loss of a loved one to suicide.

In Memory of Jared High   This site was "built with love" by the mother of Jared High, who took his life in 1998, six days after his 13th birthday.  The story of a boy, bullying, depression and suicide.

In Memory of Lucas Edward Copeland  Luke Copeland is the son of John and Mary Copeland and the brother of Lydia Copeland, all of Clinton, Tennessee. Luke was a junior at Anderson County High School at the time of his death. An accomplished musician, Luke played drums for the ACHS marching, concert and jazz bands. He was a kind, gentle soul who would willingly give the shirt off his back to someone in need. He died of depression at 9:00 p.m. on Monday, September 16, 1996. He was 16-years-old.

In Memory of Nathan Nachreiner  This is a site in memory of Lisa Bohlin's son, Nate, who took his own life. February 15, 1983 - April 13, 2004.

In Memory of Tore Ottem, Norway  This site was created by Tore's twin sister, Kirsti, whose twin brother took his life in 1999, the day before their 40th birthday.

In Memory of Victor  Victor chose to end his time on earth after 17 years. His family and friends celebrate his life and the love we shared through this beautiful site.

Jason's Heaven  In loving memory of Jason.  2 March 1982 - 29 April 2001

Jeremy Schindlbeck  My brother Jeremy Schindlbeck commited suicide. He was a 32 year-old man. Jeremy was married with a 5-year-old daughter, 3 year-old daughter and a baby on the way. It will be two years in august 2007 when he died. In Jeremy's loving memory.

Josh Ginter  Josh was 15 when he left this world on November 6, 1996 by Suicide. Survived by me his Mom, his stepdad and 2 siblings. I miss you Josh with every beat of my heart~ Debbie, Mother of Angel Josh.

Marianne Dzintra Bisenieks - 6 April 1972 - 28 June 1987.  A memorial page for Marianne created by her mum Donna.

Memorial Leaf Memorial Leaf is a place for creating online memorials and tributes. Choose from beautiful backgrounds, add photos and handmade tribute letters. Easy interface and no programming required.

Portrait of Kristian  Portrait of Kristian drawn posthumously for his girlfriend Milly's 19th birthday in February 2003. 

Richie Williamson's Memorial Pages:  February 6, 1985 - September 21, 2001. We love and miss you so much Richie. I have made a memorial in your honor and to help others who are hurting. Love always, your mom.

Sarah Catherine Martin - October 26, 1987 - November 3, 2004. A memorial page for Sarah who took her own life at the age of 17.

Shane Petree  This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Shane Petree who was born in Mexico Missouri on February 08, 1980 and passed away on January 29, 2008 at the age of 27. We will remember him forever. He will remain in our hearts and prayers until we see him again.

Steven and Warren's Memorial Site  This site is dedicated to two special boys, Steven and Warren, who were lost 17 years' apart.

Ty Clint Schale In loving memory of Ty Clint Schale: January 6, 1991 - October 4, 2006. Ty was 15 when he chose to take his precious life!! He was the handsomest boy, whose eyes would stop any one, whose smile would take your breath away! Ty loved his siblings, his friends and his church. Ty became depressed and no doctor or medicine could save his life. Why he chose what he did I, nor any one else will ever know! Ty my precious son, I love you and I miss you!!   Love, Mommy.

William Wayne Cox - 2 November 1987 - 10 November 2003  This web site is dedicated to my son, my first born, my baby and the young man he was becoming...Wayne Cox. There are no words that can even begin to describe my loss and the tragic ending of his life, as he died by suicide. I will always love Wayne.  Ann Gay, Wayne's mom.

Your Tribute  Create a free online obituary or personalized memorial tribute website for a loved one in minutes. Invite friends and family to share condolences, stories, memories, photos and videos on the memorial.
Memorial Sites For Your Children, Grandchildren and Siblings

Please feel free to add a link to any site that you have created in memory of your child, grandchild, brother or sister, or any site that allows people to create online memorials of their loved ones. Please e-mail me at jandersen8888 at live.com with the link and any details you want included alongside the link and I will add it to this page.

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