Richie's Story

by Audrey Williamson

February 6, 1985 - September 21, 2001

Richie H. Williamson IV, 16, a Junior at Scott County High School, Georgetown, Kentucky, committed suicide while talking on the phone to his girlfriend.  He was popular, on the football team, in ART III, and was aiming to be an architect.  You would never have thought he would have done such a horrific thing like this.  Everyone as school was in shock the day this happened.

It was 11:45 on September 20, 200l, DOD by coroner SEP 21.  I worked 2nd shift, and we were to go to Florida to move my sister down here.  I decided to go to Kroger to get some things for kids while we were gone.  My son and husband were at home, and Richie had just got home from work.  I had just pulled out of Kroger parking lot and notice fire trucks, ambulance and police cars about 3/4 of a mile ahead of me.  I didn't think anything of it at the time.  We got closer and closer to my house.  We were stopped at the top of the hill.  I asked what was going on and they said that there was a problem down the road and we couldn't go until we got clearance because a weapon had been used.  I said, "Well, sire, my house is just the 3rd house to the right."  He kinda looked at me funny.  He must have realized at that time that I lived at the house were all this happened. 

Apparently Richie didn't tell his girlfriend that his brother and dad were home.  So the police didn't know anyone was in the house. They went around back, flashlights were bright, and the dog was barking like crazy.  My husband got up and when he went to the front door, the police grabbed him and threw him to the ground, thinking maybe he had shot Richie.  Then my son had got up and they grabbed him and took him upstairs. 

As soon as clearance was given, they escorted me straight into the ambulance for I ran straight towards the house.  I was in there for 2 hours, without being told anything.  I was so angry, because they kept coming for blankets.  Finally, I was taken outside and a man took all of us together and said who he was and my mouth just dropped.  He said, "I'm sorry, but your son Richie has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.” He pointed it upward towards his brain.  He died instantly. 

I never imagined what it could do to my basement.  I thought I would go downstairs and wouldn't have to worry about anything.  Boy I was wrong.  He was an avid deerhunter and knew exactly what he was doing.  He knew October was coming up and always looked forward to hunting with his dad.  That was their time alone and admired Mother Nature.  RICHIE DID NOT LEAVE A NOTE, BECAUSE THIS WAS NOT PLANNED AS FAR AS WE KNOW. 
He and his girlfriend had a rocky relationship, plus were forced to abort their baby by her parents in June of 2001.  Since January of 2001, things weren't the same. Richie’s friends never came by and he said it was because they worked.  Later on I found out it was because his girlfriend wouldn't allow him to associate with any of them.  I also found out later on that the day he died he was at a football game and a girl wanted to talk to him, because Richie just didn't look right. He looked like something was wrong and wanted to talk, but his girlfriend wouldn't let him. 

That morning, Richie had decided he wanted to break up with her, according to people he worked with.  He was on the phone at work and said "PLEASE JUST LET ME GO AND BE FREE".  Previously she would keep begging him to get back together and he would.  It would always be a mistake.  Finally this would be his last attempt and apparently, this was his only way to BE FREE.   Also, his best friend, when they were in the bathroom talking about doing things together again.  Like old times.  Also he was going to get back on the football team. 

There is so much I found out at his funeral from people and his friends that knew what was going on.  Me working 2nd shift, I didn't realize any of it until then. I didn't know a lot about his girlfriend, except I didn't like her.  A lot of times you don't find out things until it’s too late.  She was possessive and wanted him to spend most of the time with her.  But Richie had bills, car, insurance, cell phone.  Her parents paid for all her things.  Richie was very responsible and that was the way we brought our kids up.  He worked hard to pay his bills and to also satisfy her needs.  It just wasn't enough. 

This is my story. 

Audrey Williamson
Suicide Survivor

©Jan Andersen 2003
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"For all sad words of tongue and pen,
The saddest are these, 'It might have been'."

John Greenleaf Whittier
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